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This shed needed saving. It now has an exo- skeleton to give it body and mass and definable boundaries from the exigincies of the whole wide world. This shed is used as a last resort sanctuary from the likes of WW2 Monarch Programming still appearing on the television indoors. Thermal and electromagnetic spectrum barriers to NSA intrusive technology is provided by off cuts of multi-foil insulation based on the oft derided idea of a hat made out of tinfoil. Surprise attack from below will find any energy broken up by large pieces of masonry disguised to hold up the decayed wooden strutwork and the residue of any such force is designed to be absorbed or redirected away by the use of random specular gravel. It seems to work, but then tri-iso super 10 with 14 hard to penetrate layers may not be the reason I still have my may be because the NSA have moved on.....(since I read that paper by Will Filer suggesting sheds are now considered obsolete as a defence with the latest nano- wave technologies.

On the other hand a man in a shed who seldom comes out is unlikely to be targeted or recruited as a possible super spy, assassin's patsy or likely ideal partner for women everywhere else. Brad Pit had a far too precise shed for comfort. Seek the reasons to withdraw into a shed rather than propel or be propelled into a big bad world, Capiche?

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