Film Star Shed Film Star Shed Film Star Shed Film Star Shed Film Star Shed Film Star Shed
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Film Star Shed

Nestling very close to the birthplace of the film industry, Film Star Shed contains a fully operational 30s cocktail cabinet and, quite apart from being a star in it's own right, Film Star Shed is also home to another great performer. Hopper, who played "Hopper" in "A Bugs Life" is kept in solitary confinement inside Film Star Shed. The sublime acting abilities and exterior of Film Star Shed can be seen in the award winning short film "I Love DollFace," the second in a delightful series of three award- winning shorts by Richard Elson. Please note that the interiors in the film were performed by a "shed double" and are not the actual interiors of Film Star Shed. The not inconsiderable fee for taking the role was of course ...

Film Star Shed is finished in green painted feather-edge wood with a tiled roof. It has an attractive east facing window with a white surround. The walls are insulated and lined for comfort. It is electrically heated and has a refrigerator, music and other entertainment facilities typical of an acceptable rider.

Year first entered 2012

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