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Domi's Shed

I've been working from home for many years as a Graphic Designer for a holiday company based in London. When I moved in with my partner 6 years ago, he built me this gorgeous little office at the bottom of the garden. When I work late into the night battling against impossible deadlines, I truly feel like the little fairy at the bottom of the garden. I love my little office but when you work from home, it is important to separate home life with work life. Equipped with all the mod-cons and with our 2 dogs asleep at my feet, and colourful fish swimming around in their tank, it's the best place on earth to work from! Next time you browse through a glossy holiday brochure or look at a holiday advert in a national magazine... who knows, it might have been generated from this little garden office - not a fancy building in London!

All the materials used to build my garden office are recycled, including my desk space - made it a good challenge to keep costs low. The lovely stainless steel artwork by the door was made by an artist friend of ours.

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