Recycled Goat House Recycled Goat House
  • Recycled Goat House
  • Alison Chapman
  • alongside garden wall facing east/south
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Alison Chapman

Recycled Goat House

Category: Natures-Haven

We rehomed some goats who came with their own shed but after 10 years the goats had gone to the great goatherd in the sky and birds had begun to nest in it as it slowly fell apart. Being a woman I am not conventionalyy supposed to want a shed but I had always wanted my own so I moved it out of the yard, repaired it, put in plastic sheets for new windows and fixed an old horse shoe as a knocker. My grandchildren thought that was a bit daft as you can see through the window in the door but it's the principal that matters and this shed, passed on to me from my dear friends the goats, is now mine, all mine, private and special.

There is always something to use or save from a wooden building - it was once a tree!

  • Year first entered 2012

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