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Rre-cycle Shed

All the doors and the wood for the frame were recycled out of our house after we converted it from a house to a bungalow in 2010 ,some of the timbers were out of the original 1952 bugalow some out of the 1984 extension and some out of the 1991 extension and some left over from the new build The doors were first installed in the bugalow in1991 so are 20 years old and have been replaced in the house with new ones.The cladding and the interior and exterior plywood was new and the total cost was under οΎ£1000.I also insulated the walls with left over rolls of insulation from the new build.I built the shed at the start of last year and we have been getting full use out of it including sitting in it on sunny but cold days reading the paper.

Year first entered 2012

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