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The Shud

My shed started life as a lean-to conservatory on the back of the house. I could'nt go through the grieving process of chucking it in the skip so I stored the 8'x 4' wood and glass panels and promised it a new life at the bottom of the garden. Work started Nov 2011 and became useable March 2012. Using lenghts of 4" x 4" x 9' post timbers to create a framework I fitted in the 50 year old panels. Constructed a back wall,a low pitched roof, piped in water and electrified. Followed by a fridge, heat and my father in law's old record player and vinyls. Then in with the old sofa and bits of furniture and this was soon followed by the family dog and cat. We all love the Shud ( as every person 'should' have one).

Timber framework spanning onto concrete blocks laid to corners and centre positions. Sand base with paving stones, membrane and insulation under floor timbers. Some side windows obscured so as to offer privacy to neighbours and recycled blinds fitted to all windows and doors. Approx 16' length x 8' width. Insulated roof with plywood finish between joists. Roofing felt to roof and exterior back wall with attached trellis to exterior back wall and sides. Low energy lights inside and out and strip coloured LED'S for the party!

Year first entered 2012

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