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  • Banjo Bar
  • Bruce
  • Wombat Manor, Brisbane, Australia
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Bruce

Banjo Bar

Category: Unexpected

bar, toilet, shower, welding bay, lathes, wood work shop, electronics shop, cold beer.

the culmination of 30 years of collecting "stuff", specially distilled into a concentrate of wonderful sheddness. A vertiable Zen Zone of the best kind. Sunday arvo, ABC radio national burbling, paint drying, beer cold and the ten thousandth time sorting the trays of nuts and bolts whilst thinking about good times had and to be had, with my dog snoozing under the bench. Now that my friends is paradise. Even better if you can get a mate over to fix the problems of the world whilst inventing something of great international importance. Or helping the kids make something for school. Most of the benches etc are recycled from skips or salvage yards. My oldest bench is the 1920's wood working bench I inherited 20 something years ago from my late Granddad. The welding bench is a recycled transformer stand from Energex, the small balck units are relay covers, a lot of the cabinets are ex-kitchens or shop fits, and the signs have been found everywhere just laying around. Honest. And a man can't have too many vices. I have four. And four on the benches too.

  • Year first entered 2012

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