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The Weeny

A practical working space (and office) with a cosy atmosphere. (We often produce arty bits and small furniture from wood etc. but my husband has a separate shed for saws.)

Very versatile - as I can work, store, chill and even dress it up in girly pink accessories for a Girl's Night In etc.

It is somewhere that I can put my beloved quirky bits and pieces - that don't look right in the house but suit in there perfectly.

This shed has transformed how I live now. ( Only 2 months old, it has replaced a smaller neglected junk and spider filled shed after 10 years.) No more crowded space and furniture in a bedroom - trying to paint, sew and do paperwork - and keep clothes and a bed in.

After much shopping around, finally had a local firm construct and erect - and hubby insulated and boarded out. Total bill was οΎ£1,600. for a 11' x10' room (same size as 2 bedrooms in house) including professional electrics. VERY cost effective for basically complete room size. BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT!!!!!!!!!

Year first entered 2012

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