Spiderland Spiderland Spiderland Spiderland Spiderland
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Jim Muirhead
  • Spiderland
  • Jim Muirhead
  • Blantyre, Scotland

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Bought the main shed a few years ago from Homebase. It was badly damaged, so I got it for peanuts,the floor was missing so I added a tiled floor and have just added the bike shed extension,most of it was built from an old fence that was blown down.I doubt if the lot has cost οΎ£100.00 as I salvage material from everywhere.

I have built the shed on a concrete base,and double skinned the inside, just in the process of making a couple of storage units and worktop. have strung blue solar powered led lights round the apex of shed I called the shed Spiderland to keep my wife and daughter out

Year first entered 2012

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