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  • end of garden, St Peter Port, Guernsey

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The Shed

It is our haven and catches the last of the sun in the garden. In winter we light the woodburner, take the papers and toast crumpets, watching the tv or dvd with our dog asleep at our feet. In summer we lunch down there, eat our bbq when its too cold outside and entertain friends and family to coffee and croissants, tea and biscuits and even informal dinner parties and lunches - we have managed 10 around 2 tables. We watch the birds at the feeders and when its dark the main house looks pretty with the outside lights. We are still surprised that we use the shed so much all year round, taking a torch, umbrella, coats as necessary. Being at the end of the garden encourages us to venture into the garden even in inclement weather. We also have a toaster and kettle apart from the woodburner, tv/dvd, radio and telephone.

Our shed is a DIY pine arrangement, very easy to assemble with a little practical knowledge. The tongued and grooved lengths interlocking at the angle corners. The 8 sided shape suited where we intended to place it and has proved very attractive, practical and surprisingly spacious. We ordered an additional window to ensure it was light and airy and to take advantage of the lovely garden outlook. The windows are perspex which is mostly fine as they don't break, however plants blowing in the wind do tend to leave scratches so we do now need to replace one.

Year first entered 2012

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