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Jubilee Shed

The Jubilee Shed. Wolsingham, County Durham, U.K.

It has taken since March to build our  Jubilee Shed at the bottom of our garden in the North Pennines. All materials are recycled (except for roof sheets and nails etc.). The door was rescued from last years Nov. 5th bonfire - a bit singed !

As well as being the focus of our Jubilee party in June, the shed will serve to house my collectables (expelled from the house last year), and as a local meeting point for bird watchers, hill  walkers, fly fisherman, and gardener friends.

The shed incorporates a pigeon loft in the roof, a bar, a chandelier, wood burning stove, stuffed pike, wine cellar, speaker system and secret pin- up cupboard.

The style is shabby-shed-chique cum mock tudor, with exposed beams wood panelling and leaded windows. The wallpaper is handprinted. There is a central tree trunk to support the roof, which will eventually be covered with turf and wild flowers. External party lighting is provided by coloured lanterns.

It is completely insulated against our cold winters, and will act as a frost-proof winter store for my geranium and dahlia collections. The garden is extremely fertile, and grows excellent tall tales, interplanted with colourful local gossip.

The shed is supplied with local spring water. Catering facilities include kettle, toaster, microwave and cooler. A mug of tea is always available to passers-by. Listen for the whistling kettle !!

Took far longer than planned. Luckily got the roof on in the only 2 sunny days we've had. Included parts from 3 old sheds, 2 garden gates and old kitchen unit doors ( panelling ).

Repairing old woodburner involved braising cast iron, which was difficult to learn, and sourcing the flue took a month!

Used 20 year-old cuprinol to preserve - kept the tin for display!

Year first entered 2012

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