Hunton Sur Mer Hunton Sur Mer
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Christina Harrison
  • Hunton Sur Mer
  • Christina Harrison
  • Beside the stream in an organic garden

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Hunton Sur Mer

I bought my Summerhouse/Shed last year and installed it in what is now my Summerhouse Garden which was an unused piece of land bordering my cottage with a delightful stream and faces South West. It is an organic tranquil garden full of birds, moths, butterflies and activity. It's a joy to be able to watch them all.

Cuprinol to my delight brought out a whole new range of colours, so my Summerhouse/Shed by the stream is nicknamed "Hunton Sur Mer" much to the amusement of my family who call it "the Garden Seaside!".

Year first entered 2012


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