Brocktonmere Lodge Brocktonmere Lodge Brocktonmere Lodge Brocktonmere Lodge
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Brocktonmere Lodge

More than £500

It sits in the gardens of a very old Shropshire cottage which has been restored and enhanced over many years. Recently the owners created a large Lilly pond in the garden and wanted to find a way to enhance their enjoyment of the pond and create an environment where they could relax and enjoy a pre dinner drink or two.

A design concept/brief was given by the owner to a local carpenter, Andy Bennett who had already done a lot of work on the house over several years. Doors and windows were bought on e-bay. Structure is insulated and has mains electricity. The terrace in front extends over the Lilly pond and affords a wonderful view of the cottage and gardens.

There is nothing special about the build or materials. What is special is the design symmetry and of course, the setting and location.

Year first entered 2013

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