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The Lantern

More than £500

A desperately needed bespoke office for the our long suffering farm support staff and manager! Designed to there specific requirements; it consists of two fitted desks, secure storage space, service kiosk, heating and electricity as well as the all important 360 view of the farm site. Insulated for 4 season use

City farm 'Latern' is a replacement outdoor office building designed and built by the community for the community as part of the ongoing St James City Farm revamp in Gloucester. The building is almost entirely unskilled volunteer built; from disruptive young teenagers, children and adults with learning difficulties and jobseekers. This project was put together to inspire those who in most circumstances would see themselves incapable of building something as challenging, thus proving with a little bit of imagination and hard work anything is possible no matter what your circumstance!

Year first entered 2013


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