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Da Peerie Hoose

More than £500

It is where we go to sit and relax on the verandah in summer and in winter (as it is sheltered) with coffee and lunches. I have painted it forgetmenot blue and decorated it in a nautical theme as we are an island county and never far from the sea. I have gone beachcombing for floats and nets, corks etc to add authenticity. We have a stone barbecue close by which we use regularly for a great part of the year and have table and chairs indoors as well as out to use year round. We have a bird feeding station directly opposite the Peerie Hoose where we can sit with binoculars to watch common and not so common migrant birds. Visiting birders from all over the world have been grateful for the shelter of our verandah while they twitched a rarity!

My husband and my cousin built this from a kit bought from the local builders merchant. It is very well made and they bolted it down to the concrete base my husband laid as we live in a very exposed valley. We children (my brother, sister and I) had a Peerie Hoose which Dad and a neighbour made for us with reclaimed windows and timber from the nearby dismantled RAF station after the was. When it eventually wore out after more than 40 years, I was bereft and determined I would have another. So this is it! And I love it.

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