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More than £500

The Shedoga concept was chosen as I like Pagodas but needed a shed Its a 7 sided small shed with a floor area of only 5 square metres. Its main shingled roof has 5 sides with a further 5 sided roof (approx 1/4 size of main roof)above. The walls are 6mm plywood with an exterior lattice support framework. The 1.2 metre diameter window is in toughened glass. There will be a small double seat just inside here.....the rest being used for storage.

The design evolved as I went along....its the first DIY project of this nature I have ever done. This Shedoga was built on a substantial slope. 4 of the 10 concrete supports have steel reinforcement within them and are as deep below as they are high above ground. Except for mounting the roof panels its been a one man operation.

Year first entered 2013

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