Creative Hitman's Shed Office Creative Hitman's Shed Office Creative Hitman's Shed Office
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Creative Hitman's Shed Office

More than £500

This is a bespoke made 12 foot x 8 foot shed office, with an internal partition wall that separates the shed into two rooms. The first houses storage facilities for files etc with bespoke made cupboard doors that illuminate at night to give a quirky feel. The shed is fully insulated, has air con, wifi, laminate floors, spotlights and even has a beer fridge. The outside has a vertical window setting to make it different. It is ironically covered in Cuprinol 'Black Ash' from their Shades range as is my entire garden!.

The insulation is homemade, highly cost effective and works really well for me. I saw the price of the foil backed insulation rolls you buy in the leading DIY stores and was horrified at the price. So I went to my local car boot sale bought c35 rolls of catering foil and wall paper pasted it throughout internally to reflect the summer sun out. I then bought online from Kite Packaging trade size bubble wrap (25mm) and layered it 5 layers thick to the walls and ceiling. I then used plaster board to internally seal the walls which again I covered the rear side with foil to keep winter warmth in.

Year first entered 2013

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