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Coombe Hill Infants Shed Gallery

Our Yr 1 shed was in a bit of a state. It's slap bang in the middle of the kid's playground that is used by 120 of the school's 300 children. The teachers asked the PTA to give the shed a paint job to cheer up the playground and give the kids somewhere to pin their own drawings and art work.

One of the parents Clare Spencer is a graphic designer. She created a mural that showed all the Yr 1 classes - badger, squirrel, otter and hedgehog. We sent a begging letter to Cuprinol and they gave us some paint - and the fun began. We painted at weekends and during school time. It was all hands on deck. We added a blackboard to one end of it where they can chalk pictures and the teachers can set weekly questions that the kids can give their own answers too. The shed is also being used to display their art work too. We had fun doing it, and the kids love it and love their shed Even if we don't win - we're converted sheddies. All the best Ali W

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