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Umma Gumma Tiki Bar Umma Gumma Tiki Bar Umma Gumma Tiki Bar Umma Gumma Tiki Bar Umma Gumma Tiki Bar Umma Gumma Tiki Bar Umma Gumma Tiki Bar
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Umma Gumma Tiki Bar

The Umma Gumma Tiki Bar transports you to a holiday destination where you have never been before - without leaving the comfort of the back garden.

Built from a psychological frame of mind you will find yourself drinking slush cocktails in Africa, Hawaii, the Australian Outback or just plain old Holiday Head.

Anyone coming here will indulge in the real live Umma Gumma Ritual and perhaps be sworn into the Best Kept Secret Club in the world.

The Bar helps you to feel that feeling by accessing your inner, deeper memories of your own holiday experiences and translating them into present day fun at the Umma Gumma.

Built from an old Summer House in the corner of the garden - this small shed houses 5 people comfortably standing at the bar or on stools.

The patio area allows those outside to shelter from the rain whilst imagining our very own cowboy scarecrow play his guitar at the campfire.

A magical and mystical trip into the unknown with a sense of feeling that you have been on holiday here before.

Year first entered 2013

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