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The Tardis

£150 to £249

It's lovely and large, and most important, warm and dry for storage, I can grow seedlings in it, because of the bright and big windows and plastic sheet roof in one side, and it has taken the place of an awful old greenhouse which was falling apart! Holds everything from gardening tools, lawnmower, and overspill from the house from time to time, if I need a emptier bedrooms or living space for visitors! All in all, ideal for the discerning shed lover and then some! A friend built it for me and I can never thank him enough! Especially now as the family is coming over in two weeks time from where they all live abroad!

Keep the wood in good condition, and paint every 3 years or more often as necessary, it will keep your shed in prime condition as long as possible! It has now lasted well over 15 years approx! Not the painting: the shed! It was repainted last year as you can see from the back of the shed picture!

Year first entered 2013

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