The shed
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The Shed

Category: Workshop/Studio

More than £500

This shed used to be just the cargo box for a truck, about 1.5 x 4 metres. It is now being enlarged with a timber clad frame to 4.5 sq metres and given a 4 metre high pitch roof. There will be two halves to this shed, the old cargo box half will be workshop and tool storage, the additional half may be used as garden office, storage for all those items that her indoors insists we must keep but don't have room for in the house, room for a freezer and storage for allotment produce, brewing beer. The pitched roof is mainly to provide space for ladders and other large but lightweight items.

The shed is going to have a corregated iron roof, which I think is a much neglected building material.

  • Year first entered 2014

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