The 99p Chateau The 99p Chateau The 99p Chateau The 99p Chateau The 99p Chateau The 99p Chateau
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The 99p Chateau

Less than £100

it was built entirely by me ,having collected the materials over a year absolutly free from vareous trade bins around the trading estate where i work . when i had finished it the only thing i had to buy was i window catch which cost me 99p, hence the name .It was built on concrete blocks and the base/floor is constructed of pallets which rases it from the ground by 18inches because of the winter flooding in my garden.The veranda is big enough to accomadate my easy chair and the rail is handy to put my feet up for more comfort .The interior has a workbench, a tool rack,various shelving , and cupbords,another easy chair ,beer fridge, radio and television.It is completly waterproof and draftproof and a nice place to be on one's own ,however i do find that other members of the family do tend to sneak down there to sit on the veranda when i am not at home.

Year first entered 2014

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