Jurby Hotel Jurby Hotel Jurby Hotel Jurby Hotel
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Jurby Hotel

It's got a bar...a real bar..a licenced bar with a bar man and it sells Tetley Bitter! You can sleep in it in fact you can go on holiday to it. It's the biggest shed I have ever seen and I've seen a few!

I spent my youth in my own shed ( in England ) and so did all my group of mates ( not in my shed I mean but their own sheds, we had one each ) although the sheds were a means to maintaining motorclycling on a budget they became a life style in their own right, one guy had 2 sheds cojoined with a patio! So even as long ago as 1970 we had the shed bug. I will soon be building my 20 foot dream shed ( pics to follow ) mean time I may consol myself with a weekend at the Jurby Hotel, I'll post you all a report, then look forward to many sheddies making the pilgrimage to the Isle of Man for shed heaven.


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