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Earthen Tiny Home Dome

Location: In the woodlands by a stream in Aprovecho - Sheddie: Jeffrey


Shed Information


The shed was made from reclaimed materials, timber milled on site, and mud.

The total cost for the build was roughly $200.

The geodesic dome is constructed from pallet wood with a 5 sided cedar shingle roof added on top.

The dome surface was created by wrapping green vine maple, harvested from the forest, around the outside to create a lathe. Then an earth/lime plaster was applied. The inside of the dome was first covered with reclaimed peg board, and then earthen plastered.

The dome is insulated with a mixture of reclaimed rigid foam, sheep wool & 'slip chip' (which is a mixture of wood shavings and clay slip)

Cost of shed purchase or build £101 to £149

Other Information

The project began with an idea: by reducing the size of a house, we actually increase the space we live in. Having a smaller home forces us outside and into nature.

My aim was to make a well built cabin cheaply; using material destined for the landfill as much as possible. I feel that much of the western world has become a throw-away society. No longer do we repair our belongings when they wear out or break, but instead we thrown them away and buy new ones. I think knowledge of the value of materials is being lost. Building in this way also forces me to use techniques and materials I am not familiar with, so increases my ability and knowledge.

I wanted the cabin to be small, with room enough for only a bed, desk and small wood stove for winter heat.

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National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

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