The Beat Hut The Beat Hut The Beat Hut The Beat Hut The Beat Hut The Beat Hut
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  • The Beat Hut
  • Mitchell Pay
  • End of garden - West Sussex

Category: | Cabin/Summerhouse

The Beat Hut

£250 to £499

Unique interior design (retro/vintage). Ideal for unwinding and gettingaway from it all!! Installed with sound system and turntables which provide the sound track for the weekends all year round. With a slight essence of sandalwood adding to the beach hut vibe.

Interior design came from various sources wallpaper samples, recycled oak flooring donated green leather arm chair (old skool), pictures/bits and bobs from car boots and charity shops some of my childrens paintings to add some charm. The essential vinyl from years of collecting and second hand/new record shops. Sound system from free ads and second hand charity shops. External paint colour from 'Cuprinol' garden shades: Natural stone (hut) and Misty Lake (chairs).

Year first entered 2014

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