The Green Phoenix The Green Phoenix The Green Phoenix
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  • The Green Phoenix
  • Scott Roe
  • Coed Phoenix woodland nature reserve, Cambrian uplands, Wales - Ceredigion
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The Green Phoenix

Less than £100

Completely hand-made by volunteers aged 4 to 90,from spruce grown on-site,with chinking made from clay dug here, and reclaimed windows; total cost οΎ£40!It now offers shelter and study-space for visitors surveying wildlife or helping with site- maintenance.

Spruce poles have been stripped by hand to ward off insects' homes. Each layer interlocks making the structure strong. Gaps allow air-flow which stops damp/mould developing, but rain doesn't get in. Window/door positions were dictated by the length of poles.Chinking will need maintenance but has held well so far with a basic mix.

Their website

Year first entered 2014

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