Suzy's beach hut shed
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  • Suzy's Beach Hut Shed
  • Suzan Karafistan
  • Back of the garden - Greater London

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Suzy's Beach Hut Shed

£250 to £499

My old shed was very delapitated & I had to wait ages to be in a position to replace it. So when I finally did get my new shed , I took a long time deciding which cuprinol colours to use to paint it! The choice of colours was excellent. My inspiration came from a Classic English beach hut. Although I live in North London, I love the sea & I feel that when I see my shed from my kitchen window - it transports me far away to a place by the sea... It's painted in cuprinol 'seagrass' & 'pale jasmine'. My shed is very organised on the inside. Everything has a home & it's a DIY persons delight. I even have room to store my beloved bike. I love my shed...

My boyfriend built my shed for me one day when I was at work. It was a big surprise to find it almost completed when I got home. He got a special cuddle for doing that of course.

Year first entered 2014

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