The Half Barn The Half Barn The Half Barn The Half Barn
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The Half Barn

More than £500

When someone offers me with a challenge, I cant help myself but to pull all the stops out and create a truly wonderful space. With not much room to play with, the customer wanted another room that could fit a sofa, a small desk for homework, a wardrobe, a few more chairs and... wait for it.. a king size double bed for sleepovers!

Well yes it is, but what will it look like? It was for the children of the house so it not only had to all fit in but it had to look like a little palace, a place they would love to spend time and have friends over. A direct access to the garden was a must, fully insulated and fun was the key points from the customer, the rest was up to us... Fantastic! Welcome to The Half Barn Custom Built Cabin.

Year first entered 2014

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