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Knights Cabin

More than £500

It is beautifully crafted from Swedish pine so is naturally warm and cool all year round with minimal to no heating cost. The smell, scent, aroma inside is awesome and relaxing. It can comfortably sit 4 people but is mostly for my own private use. It is where I have all my best ideas, where I am most creative and productive. The main reason it is a fabulous room in which to work is because I have spent years collecting over 1,000 items of vintage memorabilia - mostly British- which are 100s of years old. These are all incredibly interesting items to look at and touch with tons of great history behind them, such as swords, guns, scientific apparatus, natural history, ancient bindings, fossils, etc. Sitting amongst it all is so inspiring so work is a pleasure! I could live in it forever.

It was built 12 years ago by hand using only the highest quality Swedish pine log cabin timber. The walls and roof were pre- specified timber panels but the floor was laid as individual planks. A small log burner was built into the corner. A little garden was created around the entire cabin and there it has sat , nestling, requiring absolutely zero maintenance for 12 years . I'd recommend we all just live in these cabins and have a much easier more enjoyable life !

Year first entered 2014

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