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Tom's Lodge

£250 to £499

Our shed is special because everything was built by us & it is quite unique. It's a Tudor Lodge built specialy for our grandson Thomas in celebration of his birth in 2003. It is just the right size for a child although Thomas & Granddad slept in it upstairs last summer. Our granddaughters also joined them on the second night but only with Thomas's permission, Thomas is very proud of his Lodge. Our holiday guests can't believe that it's not hundreds of years old, & children from all over the world have played in it. One little lad loved playing in it so much he didn't want to go to the seaside that day so he hid upstairs.

It is built in the period of a Tudor Lodge for pilgrims. It has Oak timbers (reclaimed), lime plaster, lime wash, thatch roof, handmade leaded light diamond windows. Lovely Oak doors at the entrance with little spy holes so Thomas can see who's knocking at his door. Up the tiny staircase built in local Elm to the over hanging bedroom, with an oriel window looking out to our Green paddock & the fields beyond. A charming Elm table with stools & wooden plates & spoons all made by us.

Year first entered 2014


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