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I am writing this with my next door neighbour pal Ieuan. He is twelve years old and we share the shed together and we have had it for just under one year. In that time we have decorated, built a seating area( made entirely from scraps of recycled wood and my sisters bed base).We have created two "novelty item shelves"(quirky small objects/toys that have meaning to us).We have put up pictures, photos, maps and cushions, lamps (all peoples old cast offs etc),and filled it with interesting objects and rigged up electricity via a hose pipe-also donated. We also have a wide variety of art materials and tools (courtesy of my late father). We both adore the shed equally, it is our little retreat from the world. We play, dance, put on shows, paint and draw, we compose poems and contemplate the Universe at night. We also have an area of shed wall filled with profound meaningful quotes that we have written ourselves on sticky labels. It is such a creative special place to us that we have become like soul mates. It is hard to explain but coupled with that, the beautiful view of a farm field opposite, horses roaming free, wildlife at its most bountiful and the joy of being outside and free is such a wonderful gift. Our shed is a standard 10x8 ft @ οΎ£500 but its what happens inside that counts as it brings everyone together. Friends and family all love "The Shed Experience". We have such fun and inspired conversations plus the odd bottle of wine!!!.We have just added a "shed comments book" which will be great to reflect on. People are so inspired when they see our shed that three people have purchased one since. This is known as "Shed Karma Syndrome"!!! At my place of work, my manager after hearing all my experiences and seeing the shed itself, has decided to buy one for my work to put in our garden where I can use this unique space to help and teach my students either in painting, poetry, reading, talking or just to use as a quiet calm therapeutic place to get away from it all for a while. I work with people who suffer with mental health problems and so understand how therapeutic a shed like ours can be. This is what makes Our Shed such a special place!!!!

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