Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed Dad's Shed
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Dad's Shed

£150 to £249

This shed is built entirely from scratch by my husband, David. Its driftwood cladding and many features are all collected from our local beaches. The floor is tiled with the bottoms of glass bottles - from wine bottles, beer bottles, perfume bottles, jam jars and more. Its interior is decorated with all manner of stuff he has foraged and collected, eg. old wooden pallets, washed up fishing nets, driftwood, artwork from children when they were tiny. He has fashioned an open fire using an old chiminea, and installed a clay pipe chimney.

Six years in the making! This has been my husband's hobby and has kept him out of the house at weekends for the last six years. He jokes that he might move in there! The children and I joke that perhaps he actually should! I was always reluctant to enter Dad's Shed, but once the very safe open fire was installed, Dad's Shed is now cosy, warm and not an uninviting place.

Year first entered 2014

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