sea-chic shed sea-chic shed sea-chic shed sea-chic shed
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  • Sea-chic Shed
  • Kim Cutmore
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Sea-chic Shed

£101 to £149

It is sooo not a shed! I have loved beach huts since visiting my great Aunt Doll at Frinton in the 60's so what better than to have one in the back yard? Although we can hear the sea, being in a basement flat we cannot see it (unlike our upstairs neighbours who can also see France on a clear day. My husband bought me this little shed and gave it several coats of paint before lowering it over the wall and assembling it. Voila, a beach hut! He attached the wind break to the wall and then the mirror to give the illusion that we are part of a row of similar beach huts. I already had the pieces of rope and other beach treasures that had been hauled up from the beach. All the lovely things inside are special, too; gifted, inherited, and skip raided. My sea-chic shed is a very satisfying place to sit, enjoy the sunshine and admire my tiny but very full yard.

Year first entered 2014


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