Moroccan retreat Moroccan retreat Moroccan retreat Moroccan retreat
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Moroccan Retreat

Shed Category: Cabin/Summerhouse

Its all hand made by me. I put the shed up virtually single handed, made the throw out of scraps, made the tented ceiling out of some old curtains, painted everything, did the stencilling and stamping, designed and made the mirror and table out of old bits of wood and painted the designs on them all using a few emulsion match pots. Finished it off with my old belly dancing belts. The whole Moroccan theme cost ᆪ72 - inspired by a Moroccan style lamp I bought for ᆪ 14.99

Cost of shedbuild: £250 to £499

The shed was bought on a sudden whim and put up by me in an afternoon about 4 years ago(with the help of an extra pair of hands for one roof section which I just couldn't manage by myself. 2 weeks ago I decided it needed a makeover.

  • Year first entered 2014

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