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  • Back garden, Arlecdon, Cumbria....aka the Lake District. - Cumbria

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The Ranch

More than £500

We wanted to build something we could cook in and be sheltered from the wind/ rain/ hail /snow and now and again sunshine!! Also we needed storage space for outdoor cooking equipment so a shed was added to the plans. It was also going to house 2 kayaks, but as it was going up we decided it needed to be a bar and a chill out room. So we put electric in, insulated and clad the inside and made it pretty......and the poor kayaks are still homeless!!!

We asked a family friend who has a joinery business to make and build it for us, it took a few month from start to finish!! He said it's the biggest one he's made so far. Once it was erect we did the rest of the work ourselves, painting, staining, building bar ect.

Year first entered 2015

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