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The Lodge

£250 to £499

The lodge is a 2 story built as an equilateral triangle. Standing on stilts in a very secluded wooded valley, sheltered by trees in the summer it has dappled shade from the surrounding trees, it is always calm and peaceful there. Very much a work in progress, it is planned to give it a much larger decked terrace area this winter, on stilts again and fit a log burner and some insulation. Hopefully I can also do some landscaping so that the grass area will be meander all the way down to our own stream where my wife also plans a bog garden. It now has a large decked area outside with a built in BBQ, gas, for safety. The bog garden around is a work in progress still. The inside of the lodge is now clad in pine and has a wood burning stove with comfortable chairs around. There is an upstairs accessed by a pull down ladder.

Built on stilts the base is 16 foot square, an equilateral triangle roofing material is corrugated onudine. Clad inside with pine. Cast iron stove.

Year first entered 2015

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