The Shell Shack The Shell Shack The Shell Shack The Shell Shack The Shell Shack The Shell Shack The Shell Shack The Shell Shack
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The Shell Shack

Category: Cabin/Summerhouse

The Shell Shack is a space at the bottom of our garden, where friends and family can relax as if they were in a beach hut on a sandy sunny shore! Its simple but yet splendid! It boasts double lining, a slate roof and 4 beautiful glass windows giving a lovely view of the garden, it also has wooden decking with seats, enabling guests to chill in the fresh air! Nothing too extravagant sits inside (that was the aim) apart from a kettle and a radio, with little nick nacks helping create the atmosphere! With practicality in mind (my husbands idea) a small shed is to the side! Very simple as not to take away the limelight from The Shell Shack

Way back last summer my husband Craig promised me he would build me a place to relax at the bottom of our garden. He said my stressful (but yet rewarding job) as a midwife was beginning to take it's toll and he wanted to create a space where either as a family, with friends or privately I would be able to chill and wind down!

The Shell Shack is made almost entirely from recycled pallets! Over 200 were transported home from his workplace, dismantled and de-nailed, and then stored during the winter! Work started in April and with a very stringent timeframe (in time for my daughter Amy's 18th birthday barbecue in August). we were lucky... the weather was good and it was completed in the nick of time!

All of the building work was done by Craig but I do take a little of the credit for the painting, added extras inside and of course it's name 'The Shell Shack' - a name that doesn't go unrecognised, as a plaque sits proudly on the wall, with a tiny shell found whilst digging the foundations perched on the top :)

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