The Three Bears House The Three Bears House
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  • The Three Bears House
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The Three Bears House

£150 to £249

On October 14th 2014, our shed was broken into. We were tipped-off by a note from the soon-to-be squatters explaining their predicament.They were homeless. They were desperate and seeking refuge. A family of three without anywhere to go - our shed was their only option.
They soon settled and, to their credit, made our shed a lovely home. And, whilst we still strive to find the girl who had forced them from their house, over time they have begun to see our shed as their new home.

We developed the idea of the House of the Bears for our daughter's 2nd birthday. Goldilocks is her favourite story and we had a shed doing nothing at the bottom of the garden.

It started with a set of lovely puppets and grew from there. Many car boot sales, sleepless nights fretting over scale; how best to fashion a fireplace from an old photo frame; plastic flowers; ceramics classes and calling upon crafty friends later and here we are - the House of the Bears.

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