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Shedpop Hq

Shed Category: Workshop/Studio

Our shed is special as it is constantly changing and hosts our concept of music we call shedpop. It is primarliy a place of music, but also doubles as a spiritual haven and shamanistic kind of hut, Please watch our documentary film to see what makes it special: The Grazing Movie. Garage rock for urban outlaws and Shedpop is for rustic rural troubadors.

Cost of shedbuild: £101 to £149

A very flimsy exterior rented, which was reinforced internally with panel and insulation for warmth and soundproofing. Chinese carpeted. Can hold up to 5 musicians, cramped with cables and amps etc. Heated by claor gas heater with carobon monoxide alarm etc. Decoarted variedly over past few years as a clash of world deities and symbols. One regular friend who attends said that he imagined all these weird gods to be making war when no one was around. It's occult in some ways. Very positive place to work at bottom of suburban garden and neighbours have never complained.

  • Year first entered 2015

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