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Aladdin's Cave

The Aladdin's Cave was created to be a sensory space/chill-out zone/creative place for students at The Butterfly Garden, Cheltenham, a charity supporting people dealing with any kind of disablement. Features include an array of brightly coloured, patterned and textured wallpapers, feather boas, mirrors, crepe paper flowers, jingle bells, butterfly fairy lights, a violin case covered in magazine paper, a plush velvet chair and many other items intended to inspire.

The shed was sourced, assembled, decorated and furnished by a National Citizenship Scheme group who chose to support The Butterfly Garden during the summer of 2014. The students spent a week at the charity working alongside and getting to know the amazing, generous and inspiring community of people who make up the project. They got to experience first hand how much joy there is to be found in the company of a group of people who are typically relegated to the margins of society. The creativity and sense of fun and adventure that went into the making of this shed is testament to how they allowed themselves to be inspired. The shed, which is camouflaged and hidden among bushes at the end of a winding path, continues to delight unsuspecting visitors as they are taken on tours of the site.

In order to construct the shed, the students had to clear undergrowth, lay a base and extend a path to reach the shed.

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