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The Sweet Retreat

Less than £100

We built our shed from a selection of reclaimed materials which have been gathered over the last two years and various offcuts and panels left over from other projects. Our cabin's life began as an idea when we were given some Edwardian leaded windows, from there we began collecting random bits of furniture, fire places, doors, lights etc...

We bought a roof's worth of welsh slate for ᆪ20 from a local landlord who had re-roofed his property but had the foresight to save the slates he removed. Our initial plan was to clad the shed in the slate but as we worked through the two + tonnes of slate we quickly re-evaluated the amount of usable slate and came to the less than inspiring decision to use the slate for the roof only. With this decision made, we had to decide how we were going to clad the building and the answer came in the form of the humble shipping pallet.

I fashioned a tool from a broken garden fork which allowed me to 'pop' the slats from the pallets and built up a large quantity of usable timber. The pallets quickly became an obsession and soon everything from the external cladding down to the window cills and liners have been made using pallets. Pallet flooring, pallet skirting, pallet seats, pallet decking, even pallet drinks coasters. We installed a log burner which, along with some additional auction and car boot buys, was where the majority of the ᆪ500 was spent and soon were enjoying drinks and warming ourselves by the belly stove, in our own little cabin in the woods.

The shed was built by myself with huge help from my Dad and brother whilst the decoration and final flourishes where completed by my fiance, Natalie. The dogs, although present throughout, were of little or no use at all.

Year first entered 2015

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