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Hi Pod

Category: Unique

£250 to £499

my shed is special because it shelters homeless people

my shed is a simple structure which during the day is a park bench and by night acts as a temporary shelter for homeless people seeking temporary refuse, the shed is fully enclosed on 3 sides and 40% covered on the other side under a seat. the structure includes a solar panel which trickle charges a power supply which allows PIR led lighting , a cigarette phone charger for powering/charging mobile phones allowing connectivity to the internet and outside world, a radio for companionship and weather forecasts, usb port for charging devices also, the shed/structure accommodates 2 people allowing safe refuse for a night. Using wood as a natural insulator and creating non evasive colour scheme we encourage the blending into the local environment the structure not to encourage revelors. the tech element establishes an element of thoughtfulness and dignity for the end user.



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