Lols Bar Lols Bar Lols Bar Lols Bar Lols Bar Lols Bar Lols Bar Lols Bar
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  • Hidden at the bottom of garden - Staffordshire

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Lols Bar

More than £500

The inspiration to our 'shed' was my father in law who sadly passed away. He was affectionately known as 'Lol' of which in text also means Lots of Laughs. This I hope is a fitting tribute to him and all who visit will hopefully have Lots of Laughs. An e-bay purchase of an old speed boat for οΎ£51seemed to make an ideal bar, although many failed to see my vision. Other items purchased off e-bay have reduce costs and been great fun building them into the shed. Without a pub in walking distance it is fast becoming a social place for passing friends and neighbours. To notify that the shed is open I have a 6m flag pole in the front garden and raise a large flag of a lobster. Many are asking the significance of a lobster flag in my garden, which brings a smile and sometimes an invite.

Without a local pub this acts as a social point for friends and neighbours.

Year first entered 2015


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