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  • The Snug
  • Jan Watts
  • The Snug is in our garden. Part of the Parky Thing (named that by Amy, one of our 9 grandchildren) - West Midlands

The Snug

Shed Category: Unique

The Snug is part of the Parky Thing which is a play area for the children. The Parky thing includes a tree house, swings and tyre mountain. The garden also contains a firepit and a play narrowboat Tegla Too. We live on the canal and Tegla our narrowboat is moored at the front door of our cottage. The Snug is a refuge for adults, but also a place where teenagers can camp out. It is also a place to write (I am a writer). It is cosy and quite beautiful.

Cost of shedbuild: £250 to £499

Our builder and neighbour was asked if he could build a camping pod from a kit and he answered that no way would he do that, but that he would build something from scratch, so he did. I found some stained glass in a secondhand shop and had it made into two arched windows. Most of the garden area is made from recycled materials.

  • Year first entered 2015
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