Halcyon Days Halcyon Days Halcyon Days Halcyon Days Halcyon Days Halcyon Days
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Halcyon Days

It's a pub shed, but only 8 foot x 6 foot, it can seat 3 people comfortably, and also a barman. It has a collection of pub based memorabilia on the walls and behind the bar [ beer mats, horse brasses etc ] beams, optics, pub games. In fact it's the pub you would always imagine owning if you won the lottery.

Basic 8 foot x 6 foot pent roof shed, lined with hardboard, this was painted pale pink, then strips of matt black painted hardboard were placed vertically at intervals to give the impression of beams. The olde worlde ceiling effect was achieved by stapling woodchip paper to the roof interior, painted with white emulsion, which causes the paper to sag, then as it dries it tightens slightly but gives a fantastic effect. Shelving behind the bar with optics, couldn't afford proper beer pumps so I made my own out of chair legs, sounds a bodge but they look really good. I also have a beer chiller behind the bar. Outside there is a post with provision for a pub sign which I am in the process of installing.

Year first entered 2015

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