The GarBar
  • The Garbar
  • John Garbarino
  • detached garage in backyard
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The Garbar

Category: Pub/Entertainment

The #1 thing is all the contributions from friends and neighbors, from Guinness Signs, other Beer signs, to hanging sport scarfs, family heirlooms, antique bar mirror, etc.. the you have the old church pew and the lounge, karaoke stage, two dart professional dart boards, old lanterns, two 46 inch screens for sports, signed and encased Donovan McNabb jersey, and of course the 14 foot oak bar that I built with an oak bar rail, a brass foot rail, under bar coat hooks, a kegerator, wine fridge and all the appropriate glassware for every drink and beer - we don't use plastic cups. It also has a 16 foot catherdral ceiling. photos can be found here

Its become the community center where neighbors and kids drop in during major sporting events and bbqs. It hosts St. Patrick Day parties, Christmas parties, local Chamber of Commerce events, you name it.

  • Year first entered 2015

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