'The Magic Hut' 'The Magic Hut' 'The Magic Hut'
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'The Magic Hut'

More than £500

It is a pure folly with its Palladian front in a terraced Fulham house garden. As an inveterate hoarder who cannot throw anything away (hence the necessity of a shed) it accommodates everything I think I 'might need' - so much so that when out Polish builders said they were going out to buy some part, I said that I had one in the shed - hence they christened it 'The Magic Hut' - less pretentious than the Palladian Manor House.

I have faced the shed with plywood to simulate Bath stone blocks, then filled the gaps with coloured grouting. The base coat was the colour of the door while the top coat was applied with a lighter stone colour with scrumble glaze and then distressed with a cloth. It is 16 feet wide and 6 feet deep.

Year first entered 2015

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