Barasjen (The Barage) Barasjen (The Barage) Barasjen (The Barage)
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Barasjen (The Barage)

£101 to £149

My husbond used to live and study in London almost twenty five years ago. His love for everything British is still very strong (and sometimes a bit annoying). He always wanted to move back. But years has gone by, and children have arrived, so going back ended up only as THE DREAM. To compensate I made a pub out of our garage, now called The Barage (In Norwegian: Barasjen).

The Barage is open 24/7 and everyone can come whenever they want. Everything is free, but you have to replace a bottle or two every now and then. You just contact us through our Facebook site Barasjen, and we leave the key outside. Everyone has a responsibility to clean up. There is no toilet, but a gas station not too far away. We've had The Barage now for 1,5 years and it really works out. My husbond still miss UK, but a little less, fortunatly!

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