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Harry's Bar

More than £500

Harry's bar gives our family a chance to spend some much needed quality time together at the end of a long working week, the 3 rooms allow the whole family to enjoy the evening from the adults having a few drinks in the front and couple games of darts with friends that can often get very competitive, while the younger children can play the Xbox or the 6 in 1 games table in the back room, this she'd has grown in size and importance to us as a family by creating many new memories we and our children can share for a life time.

This started as a summer house and has grown in size on the back and now side to accommodate our regulars. It's surprising what you can do with some timber and screws we haven't got a large garden but have made the most of the space we have and will look forward to another fun filled year friends have brought friends and they can't believe what they see at the bottom of our garden

Year first entered 2015

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