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  • Micro Shed
  • Colin Edmondson
  • On a miniature railway wagon, it can travel around! - Lancashire

Micro Shed

Shed Category: Unique

A micro shed, 4' x 2' by 4' tall, built on a miniature railway wagon. Just enough room for a comfy deep buttoned seat, a stove, a model railway and a shelf for the whisky glass.

Cost of shedbuild: £150 to £249

A lot of differing influences here, mainly whisky. Built to generate smiles at events, this mobile micro shed has generated a lot of interest at all the railways it has visited, particularly when I light the fire and cook my breakfast in a weeny frying pan on the top of the little stove, which was specially built for the shed. The shed is fitted with brakes, so it can be used as a guard's van on passenger trains. A shelf houses some models I built some 35 years ago, every good shed has a model railway. It is a snug fit for anyone who gets in, but a seat in there is very much sought after in cold weather. Deatails such as the deep buttoned seat, the bird box and the mouse sticking its head out of a mouse hole are down to my girlfriend, Carole.

  • Year first entered 2015
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